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About Us

What is ipharmajobs.com?

ipharmajobs.com is an online platform dedicated to job listings solely related to pharma, healthcare, academia, and other research and development arenas, worldwide.


What is our mission and philosophy?

Our mission entails a global initiative to empower the pharma workforce with the ultimate goal translating to the successful realization of our subscribers’ endeavors.

Our philosophy of which we have great pride, entails sharing your vision, whether in meeting the unmet medical need, or provision of patients’ pharmaceutical care. That’s priceless!

Which jobs listings solutions do we offer the employers?

We are committed to the success of our subscribers – the employers and the candidates. As such, we remain actively engaged in attracting the right candidates for the right positions.

Employers are provided with job listings upon subscribingto further empower their recruiting tasks and meet their goals within a cost-effective framework and without jeopardizing our high quality services.

Moreover, with the subscription, employers are able to browse our database of candidates for job match-ups.

Which jobs search solutions do we offer the candidates?

Candidates’ subscription is free of charge. Candidates sign up on the site enabling them to upload their Resumes/CV for potential current or upcoming listed positions, which they could apply for directly through our site or the employers’ sites. Candidates can also set job alerts for future jobs that meet their matching criteria.

What are the fees for our job listings and search solutions?

For employers, we offer three monthly subscription packages depending on your job posting needs.

For candidates, it is free of charge.

Are there any other fees or contracts?

No other fees or contracts. Employers and candidates can cancel their subscriptions at anytime.

How do payments for service fees get processed?

ipharmajobs.com provides for the security of their users by enabling the encryption of data transmitted between ipharmajobs.com and your browser during an SSL/TLS encryption session.

Stripe is our payment processor. Stripe is an American company; located at 185 Berry Street, Suite 550, San Francisco, CA 94107. Stripe is dedicated to secure and safe online payment processing. To learn more about Stripe, please visit: https://stripe.com/about

ipharmajobs.com does not save any credit card information to ensure your security.  Employers who wish to renew their subscriptions will have to provide current credit card information upon checkout.

Do we share information about subscribers- employers & candidates?

No, we do not share or sell any information related to ipharmajobs.com subscribers. For more information, please read our terms and conditions.

On behalf of the ipharmajobs.com Team, we thank you for using our platform and wish you the best of success!

If you have any questions, please contact us!

With gratitude,

ipharmajobs Team